ARK: Survival Evolved – Survival of the Fittest Tournament

ARK: Survival Evolved – Survival of the Fittest Tournament


For those of you who have listened to our previous podcasts I had mentioned a game that I have been playing that is akin to Minecraft/Rust/Reign of Kings but includes the unique aspect of DINOSAURS. Yes, DINOSAURS. ARK:Survival Evolved has been a huge success even for it still being in the development stages (Early Access), so much that developers have shared their wealth by offering one last chance at participating in qualifiers for a grand tournament with their new mod “Survival of the Fittest”.

Survival of the Fittest is a separate mode from the normal version where it pits groups of 2 – 4 against each other in a limited PvP arena-environment. The PvP aspect and objective could be summarized as a type of Hunger-Games where you must forage, tame wild beasts, and weapoOOFcturnize yourself within a time-limit in order to conquer the other players and be declared the winner. In between the moments of building your army or your weapons there will be various and
unique events that either benefit or challenge the players. Such events like“Extreme Cold” causes players to suffer from cold where their food level goes down much quicker and “The Beast Within” which causes the once passive and timid herbivores to be deadly and aggressive. And of course while all these events are going you have to deal with other players looking to claim their own victory.


How muchis at stake? Should you win any of these rounds you will automatically win a $100 Steam Gift Card and be qualified to participate in the grand tournament where the 1st prize is $24,000 (split 6 ways). Now this version is a little different from previous Survival competitions because in the finals they will allow a max of SIX players per team. That is incredibly huge in terms of resource gathering and combat prowess. There have been previous winners who were able to accomplish victories as solo entries but the increased party size may prove to be even more difficult for these soloists to handle.


So if you think if you have what it takes or have a solid group of friends and want to try it, go for it! The grand tournament happens on October 24th with preliminaries happening every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 12:00 – 8:00 EST. These qualifier servers will specifically have “Last Stand” in the server name, bear in mind servers get full VERY QUICKLY. More details about new features to be included can be found here on their Steam forums.

Happy hunting!


(By Rigo D.)


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