Arizona Barcade “Endgame” Hits Continue

Arizona Valley residents may remember visiting Endgame, the barcade nestled atop the ASU Brickyard on Mill Avenue.

They may also remember not being able to use the escalators to reach the bar, not being able to bring drinks onto the patio, or waiting, like, forever to get a drink. Despite venue-related difficulties, valley gamers enjoyed themed drinks, raging parties, and an expansive selection of retro and modern games.

In early 2016, the bar’s owner, Ryan Scott, announced that he would be closing the bar due to difficulties working with ASU, the space’s landlord. Since Endgame’s departure later that year, rumors occasionally popped up about a return, but no official announcement was made.

On New Year’s Eve 2017, Scott broke the silence on his plans. He hosted a Twitch livestream in which he answered questions about a new location and official comeback.

Enter Endgame 2.0

The new bar, referred to as “Endgame 2.0,” will not be located on or near Mill Avenue, but will remain in Tempe at a location that Scott described as “fantastic”. Construction is currently underway at 1872 E Broadway Road, a spot that locals may know as the former Dunn-Edwards building. The new Endgame will occupy 22,000 square feet, compared to the 7,000 offered by the old location. During his stream, Scott stressed the enormity of the bar area, and stated that it will have “more bathrooms than you could possibly EVER want to do anything with”. He went on to list other plans that he has for the space, such as a hookah lounge, private VR rooms, rentable gaming spaces, and an area for concert shows. There will also be designated space for PC gaming, and will have high speed internet provided via a fiber line.

One thing that will not be returning is the food selection. At this time, Scott stated that he is not equipping his kitchen to handle any foods beyond basic snacks, such as packaged or microwavable items. However, the venue will allow customers to bring in their own food, and even have items delivered this time around. They will be keeping the same drink menu and capabilities, and will have their liquor license approved after construction is finished.

Optimistically, Scott hopes to open Endgame 2.0 in mid-April, depending on finances and construction timeframes. The bar will be open by June, Scott insists, because it will be hosting the 2018 Undefeated Tournament. Expect to hear more updates in the coming months as construction moves forward. For more information check out Endgame’s Facebook Page.

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