Vermintide 2 – Get into the Closed Beta Here!

Innovation through refinement


When Fatshark’s first Vermintide game hit the Steam it was received well by fans of the series and those looking for a Left 4 Dead replacement, but suffered from bugs, janky combat, confusing systems and more.  It was still in need of a lot of work from it’s beta to it’s official release but over the next few years was polished to a very high standard.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 takes everything from the first and makes it an unstoppable force from when you start a mission until you jump through the gate back to base. This time around you feel much less railroaded and are more naturally guided through sprawling maps that let you explore at your own risk and give you a sense of discovery.  I, personally, always felt that in the first one felt like a corridor with secret hidden lockers on the side.  The few levels I was able to play in the closed beta (CLICK HERE TO GET INTO THAT) felt real locations that convey a sense of history and scope.

With the improved map design comes an enormous visual upgrade, especially in the lighting and shadows.  I saw some framerate dips but I generally stayed around 120fps, dipping to 75fps during busy fights.  Combat felt smooth, natural and challenging and again an improvement.  I spent a fair amount of time with the elf and witch hunter characters which both felt strong and unique within the 4 man team (of 5 character types with 3 of each type available, totaling 15).

Loot boxes are a thing but they have always been in this game as it’s progression is through a combination of loot and leveling but they will not be selling the boxes or selling keys to unlock loot boxes.

Currently Fatshark has partnered with Tobii, an eye tracking peripheral, to create a series of timed challenges with prizes each day of the closed beta currently occurring. The fastest time with the Tobii peripheral for a team per each day’s map and without are both given prizes.  It’s interesting to see such a unique peripheral attached to the Warhammer franchise.  It could be a good fit for the type of game in addition to a fit to the type of gamer that collects Warhammer.

NOTE: Please be aware that to get into the beta (HERE) you will have to click through a link and do one of many tasks like watch a YouTube Video.  I know it sounds like a scam but it’s all their official stuff.  Enjoy



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