Vermintide 2 – Get into the Closed Beta Here!

Innovation through refinement (BETA HERE) When Fatshark’s first Vermintide game hit the Steam it was received well by fans of the series and those looking for a Left 4 Dead replacement, but suffered from bugs, janky combat, confusing systems and more.  It was still in need of a lot of...

DualScreenVision is at PSX 16!

DualScreenVision is here at PlayStation Experience 2016! We will be tweeting and checking out games. Say hi if you see us, and follow us on Twitter at:   @dualscreenvis @sircastor @scirew @w4ffles @garrythethird   If you have any requests for stuff for us to check out, let us know and...

ARK: Survival Evolved – Survival of the Fittest Tournament

ARK: Survival Evolved - Survival of the Fittest Tournament For those of you who have listened to our previous podcasts I had mentioned a game that I have been playing that is akin to Minecraft/Rust/Reign of Kings but includes the unique aspect of DINOSAURS. Yes, DINOSAURS. ARK:Survival Evolved has been...

The Wasteland Episode 005

The Wasteland - Episode #005 This episode we discuss Metal Gear Solid V, Mario Maker, Until Dawn, Pokemon Shuffle, RetroCon, Battlefront, Bloodborne, David Hayter, Cosplay, Sabotencon Featuring Glenn, Serra, Ryan, Miguel, Rigo and Bobby

The Wasteland – Episode 004

Today's podcast is hosted by Glenn (@sircastor) with guests Sara (@scirew), Ryan (@RMADesigns), Miguel, Bobby(@W4ffles). On this episode of The Wasteland we discuss MGSV, Mad Max, PAX Prime, Licensed games, Morpheus, The Getaway, R.I.G.S., HTC Vive, demos and more!

The Wasteland Episode 003

Check out the newest episode of The Wasteland Podcast. This episode we discuss: D23, Disney Infinity, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Fallout Shelter, Dota2, Lots of Disney, PAX Prime, Star Wars Disneyland, Peanut Butter Gamer, Hover Board, Comic Books, Finding new things, Pokemon and more! Please feel free to drop...

The Wasteland Episode 002

Wasteland Podcast Episode #002 Today we discuss Journey, Arkham Night, Metro 2033/Last Light, Collectibles, Exploding Kittens, (Spoilers) Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F, (Spoilers) Rick and Morty and DBZ Abridged. Today’s podcast is hosted by Glenn (@sircastor) with guests Sara (@scirew), Ryan (@RMADesigns), Miguel, Bobby(@W4ffles) Halo and Morgan.  

The Wasteland Podcast

Check out the first episode of our new Podcast:  The Wasteland Featuring screwthescientist, drdemented, Glenn, & Bobby. We discuss San Diego Comicon, Dota2, Rick and Morty, Alien Isolation and much more! Please check it out, feel free to give any feedback.
DualScrenVision is now live!